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Lawyer Natan, one of Bellicapelli’s historical users, is also a lawyer, expert in medical professional liability.

Has assisted and he continues to assist as a rapporteur to the most important Medicine Congresses, making his contribution, since he is responsible for legal cases related to medical malpractice.

Lawyer Natan’s passion for surgery in general, and for the hair transplant world in particular, has led him to visit the most important clinics of the world, and to attend numerous live surgeries performed by the most famous surgeons in the world. The connection between his legal training and his acquired trichological competence represents a plus that allows him to be a reference for doctors and patients.


avvocato natan roma

His activity leads him to be a “trait d’union” between doctors and patients, being a strong supporter of the principle according to which communication is the solution to conflicts, even to those which are only potential.

This explains why, among lawyer Natan’s reports he has presented at congresses, without a doubt the most important probably is the “Legal Prevention”, in which he expresses, in a concrete and meaningful manner, this legal dogma.

Always based on this conviction, he has drafted the informed consents, employed by the most important domestic and international doctors, basing these in actual information on the patient as key to success in the complex relationship between doctor and patient. Among his various activities on the forum he manages the legal section, writes and publishes articles and answers the users’ questions.

Lawyer Natan is personally dedicated to the ” L’avvocato risponde”, (the lawyer responds) section which is located on Bellicapelliforum.

On the following link counsel Natan, specialist in the field, responds to all legal questions related to medical professional liability.

For any questions addressed to lawyer Natan you can use his section on this site and the contact module that is on the pages dedicated to him. The lawyer will try to reply to you as soon as he can.

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