Choosing a dermatologist is certainly one of the most important decisions that a person suffering from baldness can take.

The dermatologist is an expert in prevention and treatment of baldness, and is in fact an important figure and support in the battle against alopecia.

It should be noted first that the majority of forum users are not doctors, and many times any treatment tips should be taken with the benefit of the doubt.

Photo by Andrea Marliani, S.i.tri. founder


Bellicapelli with the collaboration of the sector’s important professionals who offer constant support to patients interested in having a professional opinion on their therapy.

We provide a list of trichological clinics and valued professionals, the list is not intended to be exhaustive but provides a first user’s guide.

A valid way to choose a competent dermatologist is to consult the list of S.I.TRI (Società Italiana di Trichology) and GITRI (Italian Group of trichology) two associations of participating doctors who have specific interests in the trichological field.


La Società Italiana di Tricologia was founded in Florence in 1996. It brings together doctors who mainly have a trichology practice in Italy. This scientific Association has a multidisciplinary character where the different skills of various medical specialties, pharmacological, biological, chemical, psychological and humanities intersect in an always very productive exchange.

The Italian society of trichology since its foundation has arranged two meetings each year, uninterrupted to date, one in the fall and one in the spring. Traditionally, after the theme presentation is made by the President in turn, the first intervention is done by a humanist that introduces the subject with a key anthropological analysis.

These meetings have a duration of one day and usually take place on Sunday. The speakers, in the course of several years, made an habit of meeting since the day before for the pleasure of being together among specialists dealing with the same topic in a convivial dinner.

Meetings of the Italian Society of Trichology have an extremely informal nature where the various presenters may submit diagnostic standards and guidelines of the various treatments for the competence of trichological pathology, as well as for trichological hypothesis not always or not yet accredited by the entire scientific community, or simple ideas or assumptions in order to produce a discussion that would result in a contribution and experience to others to open a new diagnostic, medical, surgical and therapeutic pathways.

The Italian Society of Trichology® was established as a scientific Association, an apolitical and nonprofit organization and aims to make a Scientific Branch of Trichology Medicine a specialty and, more in general, of Humanistic Culture.

This aim will be pursued through all the initiatives that will be identified and including primarily indicate the following:

• Promoting scientific research of the pathology and physiology of the hair and the scalp.

• Promoting the progress of “TRICHOLOGY” also through teaching.

• Define reference protocols to clinical and laboratory research, on the therapy of shedding (effluvium) and on scalp diseases.

• Verify the effectiveness and rationality of trichological treatments proposed by the pharmaceutical and pharmacosmetic industry.

• Verify quality, rationality and the harmlessness of products offered by the pharmaceutical industry.

• Look for the coordination with the pharmaceutical and pharmacosmetic industry for a scientific rationalization around the sector.

• Combine and compare, in the trichological field, with the scientific activities of culturally related societies.

• Give members a point of reference and scientific support in their daily activities.

• Publish new, current scientific research done in Italy and in the world in the trichological field to hold high the information and knowledge of members, matter’s lovers and patients.

• Denounce to members, patients and the public fraud in the trichological field.

• S.I.Tri® (or SITri ®) is the official and abbreviation, registered indicates the “Società Italiana di Trichology.”

For more information on the best dermatologists: CLICK HERE and access the SITE S.I.TRI

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