We were often asked if SMP works. SMP can be used in all cases of hair thinning or in total absence of hair, but only if the skin is in good condition and free of problems that could adversely affect the permanence of the pigment in the very short term.

tricopigmentazione funziona


The applications of Hair Pigmentation Technique are:

• Alopecia areata universalis
• Baldness, thinning
• Pre- and post-transplant
• Scars
• Post implant
• Beard alopecia
• Eyebrow reconstruction in males and females


DOES SMP WORK? – Several solutions

ALOPECIA AREATA UNIVERSALIS: It’s an autoimmune pathology that affects every area of the body, not only the scalp. SMP only possible effect: SHAVED effect.

Does SMP work? It’s perhaps the only possible treatment.

BALDNESS – THINNING: It is not a disease, but a phenomenon caused by follicular miniaturization.
It affects only the scalp, it almost never touches the occipital region of it (except in the case of DUPA) and can partially affect the temporal area. The Norwood scale classifies its extent. Hair pigmentation possible effects: SHAVED or DENSITY effect, (depending on the thinning stage.)

Does SMP work? Certainly. Discuss with the technician the possible results, especially as regards to the density effect and scar coverage.

PRE – POST TRANSPLANT: SMP can be applied a month before the transplant, to ensure that the patient lives more serenely the shaving step, that needs to be done before surgery. SMP can be employed while waiting for a hair transplant, since the same patient, for therapeutic reasons, or because of his age, if he or she is too young, could not have his treatment in the immediate future.
SMP performed after a hair transplant can have complementary effect, because it emphasizes the result of the later.
The treatment can be done even in “repair” cases, as a coverage or to camouflage the scars of FUE or FUT.
SMP possible effects: SHAVED or DENSITY effect.
Does SMP work? Seriously consider the opportunity of a hair pigmentation during PRE-INTERVENTION, as well as POST-INTERVENTION.

SCARS: Post transplant scarring can take many forms:
Flat or raised, fibrous, depressed or introflexed, keloid or exuberant, or widened. All the scars to be treated must be white! For this reason keloid scars are excluded from treatment.
The best results in terms of results can be obtained on flat or in relief scars, if the patient’s expectations are realistic, because SCARS WILL NOT AND CAN NOT DISAPPEAR, but can improve their appearance.
Depressed scars are empty in the underlying layers, and for this reason the pigment is likely to expand despite the use of specific instrument s and pigments. Considering this, it is preferable to perform a color stability test, which after 10 days gives the possibility of objectively assess whether SMP represents a solution to the case or not.
Scars with diastasis are very wide in terms of their thickness and is therefore advisable to consult your doctor for a scar revision before performing a SMP that would give an almost ineffective result. SMP possible effect: SHAVED or DENSITY effect.

Does SMP work? Yes, but keloid scars are excluded.

POST PROTHESIS: It is not normally possible to remove the prosthesis and immediately perform a SMP.
Although, even when the latest generation of prostheses are used, the skin is constantly covered by a foreign body, and it reacts by thickening or thinning, depending on the individual sensitivity.
In addition, the use of adhesives, to ensure that the prosthesis is set firmly on the scalp, can generate redness, irritation or flaking in the area of application of the same.
Whoever has decided to remove the prosthesis and have an SMP, changing his look, must follow a previous procedure in order to get his skin in good condition, and ready to receive the treatment.
During the last maintenance phase it is advisable to avoid the use of adhesives for the renewed application of hair pieces, and to replace them with simple suction cups (which are less resistant than a double-sided adhesive), but allow the removal of the hair piece every night at home.
In addition to the daily removal of the prosthesis it is necessary to apply a cortisone cream prescribed by the doctor to completely regenerate the skin.

Does SMP work? Extreme attention to the quality of the skin must be given, improving its quality and amount of maintenance phases to physiologically optimize the scalp.

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