masullo medical group

Dr. Vincenzo Masullo has dealt for several years now with baldness surgery (hair transplant) and has specialized in the FUE technique to try to obtain the best possible results with minimal invasiveness for the patient.

Constantly updated in the largest world congresses ISHR and ISHRS, Dr. Vincenzo Masullo endeavours to always obtain the most technologically advanced results, improving year after year.

The technique that was most used in the past was FUT (strip) where a strip from the scalp was surgically removed and subsequently dissected on the microscope to obtain the follicular units which were then implanted into the recipient area of the scalp. Before moving his focus on the FUE technique Dr. Vincenzo Masullo had performed dozens of STRIP surgeries.

Although the results were very good (also thanks to the possibility of easily take more than 2000 FU at a time) the market is moving toward the FUE technique because it is rightly considered less invasive and ensures the possibility to do mini-interventions that do not destabilize the patient for a long period.

The FUE method was developed in the 1990s when it was introduced the extraction using a manual punches from 0.8 – 1.2 mm, able to extract the follicular units and make them identical to those sectioned with the strip method.

From the point of view of the patients, without prejudice to the result, the substantial difference between FUT and FUE is surely the absence, in the latter, of very visible scarring and therefore results in a “not disabling” post-surgery. Nevertheless, the long times required for the extraction of the follicular unit with the manual punch has always limited the proposal of this methodology, if not in cases that demanded a mini-session, preferring the classic FUT also for interventions of only 800-1000 grafts.

Thanks to the collaboration with excelled “medical minds” Dr. Vincenzo Masullo then started to use a motorized FUE punch capable of ensuring an excellent quality while minimizing the extraction time. This technology is called Punch Hair Matic, that besides allowing to extract the follicular unit also allows implantation on the recipient sites.

Dr. Vincenzo Masullo still offers both the FUE technology and the FUT technology in such a way as to be able to propose to each patient the path that is closer to his expectations.

Dr. Masullo clinic began his collaboration with Bellicapelliforum starting from 2016.