Dr. Bijan Feriduni.

Dr. Feriduni was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, where his father still works as a general practitioner.

This was one of reasons that led him to study medicine at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, after passing his Abitur, (corresponding to graduation examinations in Germany).

Eight years later, in 1993, he began his career as surgeon at the Heppenheim Hospital surgery department, in Germany.

A year later, he completed his P.H.D in medicine and started to work for two and a half years as surgery assistant.

In 1995, he started to practice in the cosmetic surgery field.

Dr. Bijan Feriduni’s education- Passion, study and professional career

During his specialization he worked for many clinics across Europe, gaining experience, deepening his knowledge and learning the current aesthetic medicine international standards.

In 2000, opening his own clinic in Hasselt, Belgium, was the next logical step.

Dr. Feriduni’s working team consists of skilled specialists who work together with synergy.  The team consists of 7 medical assistants.

Most of of Dr. Feriduni’s assistants have been part of his working team for 5-17 years and all have received training at an international level.

High-level medical staff – Constant Updates

Every medical assistant regularly attends (at least once a year) European and/or international workshops and training courses. The clinic also has a regular knowledge exchange with the most famous European and American clinics, which means that Dr. Feriduni’s working team is always updated on the latest sector news and most advanced techniques available.

Thanks to his high specialization, Dr. Feriduni is able to provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments to his patients: successfully performs both hair transplantation techniques, Strip and fue(which he started to perform at his own clinic in 2004).

Dr. Feriduni is one of the few surgeons in the world specialized in beard, mustache, eyebrows and eyelashes reconstruction and able to manage complex cases of burn patients.


Philosophy: only an informed patient is able to make the correct choice

In our opinion, the interview focuses on an important point related to the patient-surgeon dialogue. Most often this aspect is not taken into consideration properly and, generally, surgeons tend to indulge patient’s desires in every way, even when these are objectively unrealistic.

For that reason, Dr. Feriduni always listens patient’s wishes but also provide all the information necessary for an informed choice.

His great experience and his expertise make him one of the most relevant and trusted professionals in Europe.
Dr. Feriduni actively collaborates with Bellicapelli Forum since 2010.

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