Dr. Hussain Rahal has Lebanese origins but has done all his training in Ottawa, Canada.


He graduated as a general practitioner at the School of Medicine of the University of Ottawa.

He subsequently specialized in aesthetic surgery and in the course of the past twenty years he has devoted himself exclusively to hair transplantation surgery using FUE and strip (FUT) techniques.

Dr.Rahal has performed to this date more than 5000 hair transplant interventions and reconstruction of the eyebrows.

He is often defined by his patients as the King of the Hairlines™, for his inborn artistic sense and the ability to perform operations with high density (Dense Pack), able to recover for the patient a very dense and youthful hair line.

The Dr.Rahal practices his activity at the Rahal Hair Institute, of which he is medical director. The clinic is located in Ottawa and is equipped with operating rooms and high-tech instrumentation.

For Dr.Rahal is very important to follow the post-surgery and healing phase of the patient and for this reason his patients can stay at the Rahal Guesthouse, located inside the Rahal Campus, just a few meters from the clinic and it is equipped with everything that the patients require for a comfortable post surgery stay.


Dr. Hussain Rahal | A TOP surgeon, versatile and with excellent results



Dr.Rahal is expert in mega sessions with the strip technique that he has practiced for many years with excellent results.

For about 5 years he had also offered to his international patients the option of interventions with the FUE technique and was the first surgeon in Canada to perform FUE transplants with the ARTAS robot in September 2012.

Always attentive to the latest news, Dr.Rahal has recently started to use the WAW FUE System of Dr.Jean Devroye for FUE extractions.

Dr.Rahal considers that the use of Hybrid Trumpet Punch of 0.8-0.85 mm, designed by Dr.Devroye, allows an easier FUE extraction as well as obtaining follicular units of excellent quality because they are provided with the most connective tissue.

For the creation of receptor sites he uses needles of different sizes and for the implantation he uses tweezers, and he has expressed his willingness to start to use the implanter.

Dr.Rahal is among the founding members of the World FUE Institute and is a member of the American Hair Loss Association and the IAHRS.

Dr.Rahal collaborates since 2006 with our forum.




What do Dr. Hussain Rahal think of the Robotic Hair Transplant?