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Dr. Jerry Wong graduated in Medicine in 1973 from the University of Alberta, Canada.

After having worked for many years as a general practitioner in Maple Ridge hospital, British Columbia. In 1991 he began to take an interest in hair transplant surgery, fascinated by the micro surgical aspects related to it.

In 1992 he started to attend the hair transplant surgery school, directed by Dr. Mario Marzola, in Australia, where he gradually learned to perform complex surgeries, like scalp reduction, brow lift, etc,.

The ability to perform very complex surgeries (such as those mentioned above) helped him later when he had to face corrective interventions of extreme difficulty.

Dr. Wong began his baldness surgeon activity in 1993, and in the same year he attended the first meeting of the ‘International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’ in Dallas. During this congress the Dr. Wong was impressed by the scarcely natural results.

The problem was that the transplanted hairs were implanted perpendicularly to the scalp while the native hair had a very specific exit angle from the scalp. At that time the sagittal incision was the technique adopted, in an attempt to minimize scarring. Dr. Wong thought that the sagittal incisions did not allow an adequate control over the exit angles and directions of the transplanted hairs.


Jerry Wong e innovazione della lateral slit nel trapianto di capelli


After several studies Dr. Wong concluded that performing the incisions in a lateral manner (perpendicular) to the exit direction of the hair, turning at the same time the handle of the scalpel forward allowed the surgeon to position the grafts in any desired direction.

This simple finding made it possible to achieve results that were absolutely natural, ensuring that the hair transplant will be completely undetectable.

This surgical technique, called ‘lateral slit,’ was presented by Dr. Wong for the first time during the Barcelona Congress in 1996, but it was only after some years during the ISHRS congress in Vancouver, where it was adopted as the new standard for hair transplant surgery.

The angle and direction of hair growth can be precisely controlled, allowing transplantation of areas previously regarded as too difficult or unsuitable for hair transplant surgery, i.e. the temple and sideburn zones. In the donor area, follicular units appear to be lined up alongside one another in a plane perpendicular to the direction of hair growth. Lateral slit technique mimics nature’s arrangement of hair follicles providing the patient with the most natural possible results.

In 1997 Dr. Wong decided to associate with his colleague Dr. Hasson, to open the Hasson & Wong clinic, and from that time on he also devoted himself to develop progressive improvements that led to the invention of made-to-measure blades, to the possibility of performing high density surgery and mega sessions of more than 5,000 follicular units which were conducted every week.

In 2011 Dr. Wong received from his colleagues the prestigious Golden Follicle award for his essential contribution in the field of baldness surgery. Dr. Wong is a founding member of the Asian Association of hair transplant surgery.

In recent years Dr. Wong has also begun to perform FUE surgeries and to put his ingenuity to the service of the Surgeon Community to develop constant improvements in this surgical technique.


Jerry Wong – Hair Transplant in to scar tissue – Cbf case

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