Dr. Kaan Pekiner – Turkish Fue specialist

Dr. Pekiner Kaan was born in Ankara in 1982 and completed his primary and secondary instruction in the city where he was born.

Dr. Pekiner graduated at the Academy of Militar Medicine Gulhane in 2006 then started and continued working as a militar doctor for the Turkish army until 2009.

After this experience, he decided to focus his career on hair transplantation. Since then, Dr. Kaan gained skills in some of the best Turkish clinics improving his ability in hair transplant with the manual FUE technique. In 2010/2011 he has been the doctor assistant at the Dr. Keser’s clinic.

Since 2011 he is one of the operative surgeons at the HairLine Clinic in Ankara. During this working experience, Dr. Pekiner performed around 500 FUE surgeries.  After 7 years of work with the manual FUE technique, he decided to open his own clinic in 2007, in Ankara.




Dr. Kaan Pekiner, as a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS www.ishrs.org/users/drkaanpekiner ), held a conference about the manual FUE for the participants of the annual ISHRS congress of 2016 in Las Vegas. Moreover, in 2016, he performed a live FUE surgery in front of some beginner doctors during a FUE event organised by the FUE Europe Organization in Brussels. The event was focused on the transplant of grafts extracted from the beard with the manual FUE technique. Dr. Kaan annually joins the most important congresses and the meetings about FUE, such as the ISHRS, FUE Europe and the World Fue Institute. This way he is always updated about the latest developments in the field.




As he learnt with the Dr. Keser and practised at the HLC, Dr. Pekiner performs a fully manual FUE with a specific punch for the extractions (diameter from 0.6 to 0.9 mm depending on the case) and a specific thin needle for incisions and grafts. The doctor performs incisions and grafts with the “stick and place” technique. This means that the graft is grafted into the skin immediately after the incision is done. This way there will be less bleeding and the recipient area does not have time to shrink, so the incision will be the smallest possible.
The doctor personally cures every phase of the transplant (extraction, incision, grafting). Assistants, nurses and technicians only solve the secondary tasks, such as the collecting and the reorganisation of the extracted grafts or the management of the Petri dishes.

Everyday, around 1500 grafts are grafted, depending on the characteristics of the patient or on the kind of transplant.



(they all are performed with the manual FUE technique and every phase will be personally performed by the doctor)

  • Dense pack for the restoration or rebuilding of the hairline in the low norwood cases (1,2,3)
  • Rebuilding of the front, mid scalp and vertex for the higher norwood. The single or double spiral design of the front, mid scalp and vertex for the highest norwood. The double or single spiral design of the original vertex can be replied.
  • Rebuilding or reinforcement of eyebrows, beard and moustaches
  • Body hair transplant
  • FUE surgery for feminine hair loss
  • FUE on long hair (the donor area anyway has to be shaved for the extraction, while the recipient can keep the hair long)
  • Scar camouflage with FUE grafts
  • Repair of a damaged donor area, for overharvesting, permanent shockloss or transection, with the FUE
    Normally the doctor performs a “donor exchange”, which means that body hair are extracted (or hair from the health area of the nape) and then grafted in the damaged, due to wrong extractions, donor area of the nape.
  • Transplant while waiting for a future tricopigmentation.
    In these cases the transplant must be carefully planned with the doctor, usually with a medium/high frontal density that decreases approaching the vertex. Usually, this treatment is performed when the donor in poor and the body hair is not enough either to obtain a good density and coverage.


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