dr erdogan koray

Dr. Koray Erdogan was born in 1968 in Bursa-Gemlik, Turkey.

After graduating in medicine from the University of Haccettepe, Ankara, Turkey, he attended the Thoracic Surgery School at the University of Marmara, Istanbul, and served in an Intensive Coronary Care Unit.

In 2001 he opened his own clinic in Istanbul, ASMED, along with his first assistant Dilek Cakir.

After a period in which he performed surgeries employing both Strip and FUE techniques, in 2004 he made the decision to dedicate himself exclusively to work with the FUE technique.


In 2006 he developed his own instruments and techniques for the extraction of grafts via FUE, renamed “DES”.


Dr. Koray Erdogan’s DES technique is also known as SEQUENTIAL TECHNIQUE.


This technique requires the surgeon to hold a punch in one hand and the tweezers in the other. The incision and the extraction of follicular units occurs in rapid sequence by using both hands. According to Dr. Koray, this technique allows to speed up the extraction of follicular units while maintaining an optimum quality. Dr. Koray thinks that the use of the “DES” technique allows to reduce the trauma to the grafts and the rate of transection.

For incisions Dr. Koray uses the lateral slit technique, that allows, in his opinion, more control of angles and directions, and less trauma to the scalp.


Dr. Koray Erdogan uses only manual punch

Dr. Koray uses a manual punch that in his opinion guarantees the highest rates of growth, better wound healing and reduced rates of transection, allowing also to maintain the sensitivity needed to change the direction of the punch, in case there is the feeling that transection of follicle might occur.

Dr. Koray recently introduced two important concepts: The Homogenization of the Donor and the Coverage Value. The first concept refers to the fact that the patient can get a similar density on the recipient area and the on the donor after surgery, thereby achieving a natural appearance, also and above all with short hair.


The coverage value is nothing but the ratio of the number of hairs per square centimeter to the average caliber of the hair. It’s a useful indicator that allows us to understand how many extractions can be made. The extraction will be planned with the current coverage value and with what you would get after surgery.

The use of these advanced techniques and a specialized support team enabled Dr. Koray to be one of the pioneers of FUE megasessions (with more than 5000 grafts implanted in a single intervention).

Dr. Koray is an active member of Bellicapelli since 2005.

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