The clinic of Dr. Özgür Koldaş


Internally, the staff members fall into two categories: surgeons and anesthesiologists, including 3 doctors and 12 qualified surgical assistants and interpreters, including 3 native speakers for English, Italian and Russian.

The team is responsible for accompanying patients from all over the world throughout their pre- and post-surgery journey.


In the pre-surgery, Dr. Özgür Koldaş takes care of analyzing the patient’s situation by thoroughly examining the condition of the scalp in order to best refine the most appropriate surgical technique to be performed during the surgery.

In addition, the quality of the occipital donor area, the temporal and parietal donor areas are evaluated, and the quantity of follicular units that can be safely harvested is calculated.

This assessment is done again after the patient’s hair has been shaved, and high-definition photos are taken to confirm the initial assessment.

The most widely used technique within the clinic is FUE..

The instrumentation is varied, different sizes of blunt, circular punches are used, with a diameter ranging from 0.6 to 0.85 mm depending on the physiognomy of the patient.

Prior to the actual procedure, the Doctor arranges a consultation session with the patient to determine the areas to be treated, the density and the level of coverage desired by the patient.



In Dr. Özgür Koldaş’s clinic, the extraction technique used is FUE; regarding prices, a special package is offered for Italian patients; the cost is 3000 euros.

Within the offer we find:

    • Intervention with FUE technique with extraction of 5000 grafts or more if necessary
    • Pre- and postoperative consultation
    • Blood tests and PRP treatment
    • Surgeon’s referral
    • Post-operative examination
    • Post-operative kit with all necessary products for self-care
    • First postoperative wash performed by a professional
    • 3 nights in a 5-star hotel (including breakfast)
    • Transportation from the airport to the Hotel and from the Hotel to the clinic



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