Dr. Sait Gokhan Bircan is one of the most successful emerging surgeons in the field of hair transplantation.
This is because he combines excellent academic training with in depth professional experience.
Dr. Bircan is able to offer his patients a wide range of level solutions and is known for his personalized approach.

His career began at the Faculty of Medicine of the prestigious Istanbul University.

Below is a brief chronology:


➢ He entered as a student at the best and oldest university in Turkey, the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul University.


➢ He has conducted numerous researches in the field of stem cells, tissue transplantation and scalp histology together with Prof. Ayhan Bilir at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.


➢ He devoted himself to the study of hormonal imbalances and their consequences, and the paper he wrote based on the results of his research was presented at a major medical congress in Antalya.


➢He received his medical degree from the University of Istanbul and continued his academic career at the Faculty of Medicine and General Surgery at the University of Cambridge, one of the leading universities in England and the world.


➢ He has performed organ transplants such as liver and pancreas transplants at the prestigious Addebroke Hospital in England.

➢ He worked in the Department of General Surgery at Cornella & Columbia University in New York, USA, with internationally renowned professors in the field of surgery.


➢ He gained considerable experience in general surgery through his internship in the Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

➢ He began working in the field of hair transplantation in Istanbul, collaborating with Turkish doctors who are members of the Turkish Medical Association, and continued to improve his knowledge.


➢ The number of his patients has progressively increased during the years 2013-2014-2015 and Dr.Sait Gokhan Bircan has helped hundreds of patients to have a healthier lifestyle.


➢ He decided to offer other cosmetic surgery and stem cell transplant services in addition to hair transplantation.

Dr. Bircan has become an internationally recognized physician due to his expertise in Japan in the field of stem cells and their effect on follicular units. He has made a great contribution to the hair transplant industry, being one of the forerunners of follicular unit stem cell transplantation during hair transplant surgery.


➢ He developed a new surgical instrument that allows not shaving the hair in the donor area for transplantation with long hair and continued to work with medical experts in his field. He improved the efficiency of hair transplantation by patenting his own motorized punch.


➢ He became increasingly well known both in Turkey and abroad and joined the International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons (ISHRS), which brings together the best hair surgeons from some 70 countries.


➢ Thanks to the quality and professionalism of his work, he was appointed head of the hair restoration surgery department at Levent Hospital.

➢ He attended the ISHRS conference in Prague to follow more closely the latest advances in the field of hair transplantation.


➢ He shared his experiences and opinions with doctors from other countries such as Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, America, England, Spain, Canada and personally trained surgeons and teams in the field of hair transplantation.


➢ He attended the ISHRS congress in Thailand. He had the opportunity to learn more about hair transplant techniques used in the East.


➢ He participated in the virtual congress of the ISHRS
➢ He continued his studies on scalp pathologies.


➢ Dr. Bircan continues to work in the field of hair transplantation at a JCI accredited hospital (which certifies quality standards of excellence), performing hair transplants using FUE with manual and hybrid punch extraction, DHI and stem cell support.

At the hospital, the doctor and his team perform about 3 surgeries per day according to international standards



The price is 2,500 €.


– Three days and two nights stay in a five-star hotel.
– Operation with motorized punch extraction
– Anesthesia
– Driver (transfers to and from the airport) and a translator to assist you throughout the trip
– All medications and essentials for before and after surgery
– PRP treatment
– A first month gift pack with all postoperative products
– COVID test at the clinic
– Written guarantee

If you prefer manual punch extraction, the price is €2 per graft.