Dr. Serkan Aygin graduated in Medicine in 1991 from the Capa University of Istanbul and then took a specialization in pharmacology and dermatology at the Vakif Gureba Hospital.

After completing his specialization, he interested in scalp diseases and hair transplant surgery.

Later he performed his first strip technique surgeries but, not satisfied about the invasiveness of this technique, he decided to focus his attention on the FUE technique, trying to refine the achievable results.

Facilities where the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin are located date back to 1973 and he began to work there since 2001, together with Dr. Kosan. Dr. Aygin’s clinic was initially called “Med Hair”.

Since 2013, the clinic is managed directly by Dr. Serkan Aygin, which bears his name.

All surgeries are performed by a technical assistants team supervised directly by Dr. Aygin.




At the clinic, 15 – 20 hair transplants per day are performed. Costs are really low and are not calculated on the extracted follicular units number, but on the effective working time used for extraction.

An instrument called Trillix is used for the extraction phase. It has a variable 0.6 -0.8 mm diameter and helps to accelerate the extraction process reducing also the time in which the follicular units remain outside of the body.

At Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic over 4000 follicular units  FUE megasessions are performed. In some cases, body hair transplantation is also used. (from the chest area).

The affordable prices and the Italian travel agency support, that organizes all the logistical part, are surely the main advantages of this clinic, which has been object of interest for media for its work.


In 9 April 2015, for example, the famous Italian TV show Le Iene on the Italia 1 channel,visited Dr. Serkan Aygin’s to show the so-called “Hair Transplantation holidays”:

Dr. Serkan Aygin is fully available to freely meet patients interested in hair transplant surgery in Italy.

From 2015, Dr. Serkan Aygin clinic began its collaboration with Bellicapelliforum.


For any further information, consultation or surgery booking with Dr. Aygin:

Contact: Marcello Martiriggiano

Travel agency: Aratravel Italy

Phone: 0836-234238


Cell phone: 328-6021239 (also WhatsApp)


Address: Via Di Vittorio 64 – Arvadite (LE)

Facebook page: