Dr. Zekerya Kul | Expert FUE Surgeon in Turkey

Dr.Zekerya Kul graduated in Medicine at the renowned Medicine School Cerrahpasa at the University of Istanbul (Turkey) and then specialised as aesthetic and rebuilding plastic surgeon. He spent several years in Brazil at the Belvedere Hospital in Belo Horizonte, where he improved his artistic sensibility and learnt details about body and face aesthetics.

dott. kul

Then, he had the opportunity to work with plastic surgeons in France, Korea, Germany and USA. This way he enriched his knowledge even more and got to know the cultural differences of the countries.

Dr.Kul signed up as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon at the health department of Turkey. Moreover, he is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, of the Association of Turkish Doctors and of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Rebuilding surgery.

Dr.Kul operates his patients both at his clinic in Nisantasi zone, one of the most beautiful and elegant of Istanbul, and at the    Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Dubai.
Dr.Kul became interested in the hair transplant world after seeing, though the years, the evolution of the techniques and in particular the improvements of the FUE technique. FUE technique, unlike the STRIP one, does not require the presence of a numerous staff, since the units are extracted one by one and do not need to be dissected from a lozenge of skin.

Therefore, Dr.Kul decided to offer his patients only FUE surgeries and carefully studied the differences between the extraction with a manual punch or with a micro-motorised one.




FUE extractions, manual or motorised? Dr. Kul’s answer

dott. kul

The result of his researches is that there is no great difference between the manual and the motorised extraction. The quality of the follicular units extracted and the level of regrowth and transection do not change much. The important thing is that the diameter of the punch is not too big and that the micro-engine does not rotate too fast, since it could overheat it.

Dr.Kul mainly uses the motorised punch with a 0.7-0.85 diameter depending on the dimensions of the follicular unit to extract. For the incisions he uses needles with different lengths to even the dimensions of the follicular units.

The doctor uses the “stick and place” technique, so he grafts the units a few minutes after the extraction. This way, the time that the units spend away from the body is shorter and their level of survival is higher.

Dr.Kul cooperates with Bellicapelli Forum since 2013. 

Direct link to the reports of Dr. Kul’s clients: http://bellicapelli.forumfree.it/?f=11228160