Hairline Clinic was founded in 2002 by Dr. Özgür in Ankara, Turkey.

Hairline Clinic has been one of the first Turkish clinics that has been dedicated exclusively to FUE and BHT (body hair transplant) techniques.

Our clinic has been recognized for our high specialization in body hair transplant.

We primarily extract body hairs from the beard (under the chin) and chest.

This type of surgery requires great skills in the extraction stage to avoid relevant circular scars.

The use of small size tools, specifically designed for this type of surgery, is one of the strong points of Hairline Clinic, as can be seen in the ‘proposals’ displayed on our forum.

The follicular units removal stage is carried out exclusively using a manual punch, which varies in size between 0.7 and 0.85 mm, according to the characteristics of the patient.


FUE surgery steps



All the FUE surgery steps(extractions, incisions, grafting) are performed personally by surgeons, never by the nurses.

In our clinic work 4 surgeons: Dr. Özgür, who is the medical director, Drs. Khan and Akin, and Dr. Didem, specialist in motorized tools extraction, in particular with the Powered Cole Isolation Device.

The philosophy of Hairline Clinic is giving the utmost attention to every single patient. For this reason, no more than 1-2 surgeries per day are performed and the extractions are generally limited to 1500-1800 follicular units per day and to a maximum total of 4000 follicular units per patient.


In this way, we preserve the donor area for the future avoiding also its thinning, due to an excessive number of extractions.

The use of donor hair from the body is surely one of the distinctive features of this clinic, which is able to treat patients with very poor donor area or help patients with wide scars or problems due to prior hair transplant surgeries carried out without following the modern aesthetic models.

Since 2015, in collaboration with one of the biggest fue technique expert, Dr. John Cole, Hairline Clinic surgeons created a professional training center in Ankara for surgeons interested in learning all the FUE technique secrets. This shows, once more, the high quality level reached by Hairline Clinic after more than 13 years practical experience.


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