Hattingen Hair Clinic is one of the most important clinics in Europe specialized in hair transplantation.

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In our clinic work Dr. Laura Muresanu, Dr. Muresanu Sever and Prof. Voy, who are always supported by qualified nurses.

All our surgeons have the necessary skills to perform all hair transplantation steps, such as:pre-operative planning and design, anesthesia administration, FUE technique extraction, strip and suture removal (in case of strip technique), and the realization of the incisions on the receiving area.

hattingen hair

Hattingen Hair medical assistants are properly trained and qualified to accomplish effectively some of the most important surgery steps, such as strip dissection (in the case of strip technique intervention) and grafts positioning.

Particularly, it should be noted that Dr. Laura Muresanu can boast a professional experience in Canada with Dr. Walter Unger, considered one of the fathers of modern hair transplantation.

Hattingen Hair Clinic is an ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) member and its headquarters are located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The clinic counts with a multilingual staff to put patients at ease and to answer all their questions. They can speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.

Hattingen Hair clinic practices both strip (FUT) and FUE techniques with a manual punch.

Hattingen Hair clinic is famous for the ability of its staff to provide strip technique mega sessions with more than 5000 follicular units and up to 7000 or more follicular units on patients with appropriate features in terms of scalp elasticity and donor area density.


Hair transplant result at Hattingen Hair

The goal is to maximize the final aesthetic result in a single session by exploiting to the fullest scalp elasticity in patients who were never subjected to a transplant previously. Particular attention is given to the suturing step by using the tricofitic technique and performing incisions with the use of made- to- measure blades, which can replicate the same follicular units size.


Hattingen Hair is available for free live consultation for interested patients in Schaffhausen or via Skype, which is certainly useful to the patient.

Hattingen Hair Clinic collaborates with Bellicapelli Forum since 2013 and has provided us with numerous educational articles.

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