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The choice to undergo a hair transplant is usually taken not only to reach an aesthetic aim, but also to feel confident again and to re-gain self-esteem.

Istituto Helvetico Sanders® will accompany you during this path, that begins with an accurate evaluation by our specialists and ends with a free visit in the sanitary structure more suitable for you. There, expert doctors will explain you everything about the FUE surgery.

The F.U.E. (follicular unit extraction) technique allows to obtain follicular units without leaving visible scars. In the last years this technique have reached almost perfect quality standards.


On the left a photo of an operating room. 



FUE Transplant and hair regrowth – Natural results

The result will be totally natural. The hair will grow stronger than before in the areas in which it was missing. Despite the other, the hair extracted from the nape to be re-grafted are much more resistant to the action of the androgens hormones that makes it falls.

You will have natural new hair, that you will comb, cut, touch and style again. The scars of the FUE surgery are almost invisible, both in the donor and in the recipient area.


More than 30 years of experience and more than 100 hair loss experts

In order to obtain an optimal final result, it is fundamental to turn to experts of the field. Istituto Helvetico Sanders, with more than 30 year of experience in the trichology field and 24 venues, is today the main Italian network for the sector.

In a section of the website experiences, witnesses and opinions about the Istituto Helvetico Sanders are collected. The thousands of people who have used the network through the years have left all these feedback. 

Istituto Helvetico Sanders offers the best structures, able to respond to everyone’s needs. Suggestive locations are ready to welcome you, granting you quiet, privacy, the best comforts to make you enjoy the stay and a competent and prepared staff (more than 100 experts among Surgeons, Sanitary assistants and Biologists) in order to ensure you the highest precision and accuracy in every situation.


A specialised equipe will follow you before, during and in the months after the treatment, checking the progresses achieved with the transplant and granting you a constant support in the closest Istituto Helvetico Sanders venue.

Istituto Helvetico Sanders, always at the forefront in the tricology field, is always present in the main congresses and meetings of the field (national and international). This, summed up with the experience of the surgeons, will guarantee you the highest possible quality standard. METHOD + EXPERIENCE = IDEAL RESULT.

Moreover, to prevent hair loss, Istituto Helvetico Sanders® have a selected equipe of specialists that will analyse the specific case and will indicate the most suitable treatment in every single case.

To book a free specialistic visit call us: 800 283838 or check our website You will fix a consultation with the surgeon in order to evaluate a transplant project and the prices.



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The protocol of Istituto Helvetico Sanders adapts to the specific needs of every individual. For every patient a personal path is established. The first step is always a specialistic visit in which an expert evaluates the personal characteristics, the problem and the family history of the subject. During this phase it is possible to scientifically verify if the patient presents the necessary conditions to successfully undergo the surgery.

Depending on this evaluation, form the 2017 up to now, 500 people, after the free specialistic visit in the centres of Istituto Helvetico Sanders, have found out not to be suitable for the surgery. In these cases it has be considered to be not ethical to offer them a service with uncertain results and so they were told the truth. This way they found out that in their cases the surgery would not have fulfilled the expectations.

The ethics and the professional deontology impose to proceed this way in the cases in which the possible result is not the one that the patient wants and expects.