The Murat Maraschi clinic, with its multiple locations inTurkey/Istanbul, hosts patients from all over the world who want to undergo thair transplantation (or autotransplantation) or general cosmetic surgeries.

The clinic was honored at the International City Awards as “Best Hair Transplant Center of the Year” for its efficiency and innovative contributions to its field.

The techniques used by the team at Murat Makasci Clinic for hair transplantation are:

  • Sapphire channel technique
  • DHI Plus Technique
  • FUE Technique

In addition, we can find several services within the clinic, including:

  • Hair transplantation and treatments
  • Beard transplantation and treatments
  • Brow transplantation and treatments
  • Unshaven hair transplantation and treatments
  • Hair transplantation and treatments for women

Not only that, in addition to hair transplantation (or autotransplantation), the Murat Makasci Clinic Team also handles:

  • plastic surgery
  • dental surgeries
  • eye surgeries
  • aesthetic medical applications

Hair transplantation follows a very strict protocol and allows satisfactory results in as little as 3 days;

Before proceeding with the actual surgery, the surgeon performs an initial assessment of the case, analyzes the health status of the hair through specific analysis devices, and creates a personalized plan for the patient to implement at the time of the operation.

According to the protocol, the 3-day treatment is carried out as follows:.

  • 1st day: Arrival, consultation with the doctor, overnight stay and rest
  • 2nd day: Operation and postoperative recovery
  • 3rd day: Check in, city tour

This will be a unique experience, you will be picked up at the airport in VIP vehicles and will be taken to your accommodation, where our organizational team will share with you the plan of your stay at Murat Makasci Clinic.

You will be accompanied by a translator who speaks your language and a counselor who will accompany you all the way.
Sarete accompagnati da un traduttore che parla la vostra lingua e da un consulente che vi accompagnerà durante tutto il percorso.