Dr. Murat Makascı Clinic, Turkish excellence

Murat Makascı Clinic is a center specializing in hair transplantation and cosmetic operations located in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded by dottor Murat Makascı, the clinic has achieved an ever-increasing success rate since its establishment. Due to its high quality of service and achievements in the field of hair transplantation, the clinic was awarded “Best Hair Transplant Center of the Year” at the International City Awards.

Services offered by Murat Makascı Clinic

The clinic offers a wide range of hair transplantation and cosmetic treatment services, including hair and beard transplantation, hair transplantation and treatment, hair transplantation for women and unshaven hair transplantation. In addition, the clinic also offers plastic surgery services, dental operations, eye operations, and medical-aesthetic applications. Each service offered by the clinic is designed to provide maximum comfort and satisfactory aesthetic results for patients.

Techniques used in the Murat Makascı Clinic

The clinic uses state-of-the-art techniques for hair transplantation, including the Sapphire Blade Incision Technique, theDHI Plus Technique and the FUE Method. The dcon incision technique with sapphire blades was developed to offer greater precision and less scarring than traditional hair transplantation techniques. The DHI Plus technique was developed to allow hair follicles to be extracted and replanted at the same stage of the operation, thus reducing the time required for hair transplantation, increasing density, and reducing follicular manipulation.

Patient Care and Assistance

Murat Makascı Clinic takes care of its patients at every stage of the process, from planning the operation to the post-operative recovery phase. The clinic ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience by using the latest technology anesthesia devices.

In addition, the clinic offers a 3-day operation schedule, with a follow-up and return Istanbul city tour on the third day. The clinic also offers VIP transfers and language assistance to ensure an excellent experience for its patients.

The clinic’s team consists of highly qualified physicians and experienced medical-aesthetic professionals who are committed to providing their patients with state-of-the-art services using only the latest technology to ensure the best possible results. The clinic is committed to providing its patients with personalized services, using special analysis devices to plan hair transplantation specifically for each patient.

In addition, Dr. Murat Makascı’s clinic is also committed to making its services accessible to all patients, offering affordable packages for its services. The clinic takes care of its patients at every stage of the process, from operation planning to post-operative recovery.

Murat Makascı Clinic has achieved an ever-increasing success rate due to its personalized approach and attention to detail at every stage of the process. The clinic ensures maximum patient care, with consultants speaking the same language as the patients to ensure effective communication and a complete understanding of the patient’s needs.


In summary, Murat Makascı Clinic represents an ideal option for those who wish to undergo high-quality aesthetic treatments. With its wide range of services, personalized attention to detail, and focus on patient safety, Murat Makascı Clinic has earned a solid reputation as one of the best hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery centers in Turkey and around the world.