Turkey Hair Academy is a private clinic specialising in hair transplantation and baldness treatment.
The clinic staff is made up of certified professionals working in the A+ Hospital with international JCI certificate of competence, using the best equipment.
The JCI (Joint Commission International) is an organisation that focuses on increasing the quality and safety of services provided by the Turkish health service.
Among the various services offered are hair transplantation for men and women, hair transplantation without shaving, beard transplantation and eyebrow transplantation.
The mission of the Turkey Hair Academy is to fully meet the needs of patients who come to them from all parts of the world, and to offer the highest quality in the operating theatre. The focus of their team is on the use of stem cells for operations such as hair transplantation.
We can encapsulate the fundamental principles of the Turkey Hair Academy in 3 cornerstones:
– Professionalism: due to the presence of certified doctors, tests can be carried out to determine the suitability of patients for transplantation surgery. The professionals will be able to guide the patient through the pre- and post-operative course.
– Natural look: There is nothing better than achieving the desired goal while fully meeting the patient’s expectations. This is possible through the creation of a natural look according to the facial features and head structure of the person. In order to succeed in this feat, it is necessary to have experience and a targeted aesthetic perspective.
– Doctor-patient relationship: this is the most important moment of the entire clinical process; an initial consultation is carried out in which the doctor analyses the situation and carries out examinations to establish a diagnosis of the patient’s problem. He also analyses the patient’s expectations and needs, trying to find the best concrete solution to perform a good job.

Contact details of the clinic:
Defterdar Mah. Kırımı Çeşme Sok. No:1-2:6 34055 Eyüpsultan/ Email: İstanbulinfo@turkeyhairacademy.com
Telephone contact: +90 539 306 68 60