This patient came to Dr.Hasson to reconstruct his now severely thinning hairline due to traction alopecia.
Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss that primarily affects the hairline and frontal area.
In some cases, follicles on the sides and in the occipital area can also be affected.
Traction caused by tight headgear, dreadlocks, overly tight braids, turbans, or simple combing with pigtails or similar can cause tension at the follicular level especially if the hair is pulled in the same direction for a prolonged period of time.
The follicles over time will suffer damage until they reach a point where they will no longer produce new hair.
Often people affected by traction alopecia do not suffer from androgenetic alopecia and once the cause of prolonged pulling is eliminated the hair will not continue to fall out.
This is the case of this patient for example where Dr.Hasson was able to reconstruct the hairline with 2583 FUE grafts extracted with WAW hybrid punch.
200 single units, 2248 double units and 135 multiple units.
The result is at 6 months.