This 32 year old patient from Calgary came to Hasson & Wong after a lengthy search.
His decision also came about because of the advice of a friend who recommended that he see Dr. Hasson.
The patient had started losing his hair when he was 18 years old and it wasn’t until 15 years later that he decided to do something about it.
Dr.Hasson and his team worked with the patient to set up a surgical plan that involved reconstructing the hairline and frontal area and also pushing into the mid scalp area if necessary. In the end, 4228 grafts were extracted with WAW hybrid punch. On the first day 200 single, 1972 double and 28 triple units were extracted for a total of 2200 grafts while on the second day of surgery the extraction was 2028 double units.
Due to a very full surgical calendar the patient received the second session 6 days after the first. This explains why in one of the placement photos you can see scabs referring to the first session performed 6 days before the second.
The result photos were sent by the patient 1 year after the surgery.

The patient added the following comment:

” At 6 months I started to notice a substantial change. I got a haircut a couple of days ago, the hair on the sides is quite short. There are no visible signs of the extraction in the donor area and no one could ever tell that I had a hair transplant. Overall I would say I am extremely pleased with the outcome. (It was a great last minute decision to switch to FUE since my surgery was initially going to be via FUT).”